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Waiting Period

Length of time established in the contract that investors cannot redeem their funds, or during which this is subject to penalties.

Wall Street

The term refers to the financial community in New York. It is also the name of the street in Manhattan where the New York Stock Exchange is located along with several stock exchanges and the headquarters of major banks.


Wireless application protocol. An international standard for applications that use wireless digital data communication.


A certificate that gives the holder the option to buy stocks that guarantees this certificate at a predetermined price (exercise price) until a predetermined date (expiration date). This is a non-standard option, usually long term, issued by institutions holding significant positions in securities such as debentures, commercial paper, etc.


Worldwide interoperability for microwave access - technology for data transmission through wireless networks that offers broadband connectivity for domestic or corporate use.


Generic expression that describes telecommunications systems in which signals are transported over electromagnetic waves, and not cables.

Withdrawal Right

Right of stockholders to withdraw from a company through reimbursement of the value of their shares when they disagree with a decision made in a meeting to approve certain matters defined in the relevant legislation.


Wireless local loop. Communications standard without a land line. Wireless connection to a land line.