1. 2022

    In April, the UPI Mobile Assets sale was concluded, as part of the transformation plan of the Company. Approximately R$ 16 billion were received as a result of the operation. Besides that, for the next 12 months after the conclusion, Oi will continue to provide transition services, which will add more R$ 750 million to the whole value of the transaction.

  2. 2021

    In Jauary, the Purchase and Sale Agreement of the UPI Mobile was executed with Telefônica Brasil (Vivo), TIM e Claro.

    In March, UPI Towers and Data Center was sold after Oi received R$ 1,1 billion from the buyers

    In April, the “Right To Top” was granted to BTG/ Globenet

  3. 2020

    To achieve the objectives proposed in the Strategic Plan, the Company concluded the sale of its shares in Unitel and sold part of its real estates.

    Company surpassed 1.6 million FTTH customers in August, anticipating the expected goal for 2020 by 4 months.

    General Creditors Meeting held in August approved the Amendment to the Judicial Reorganization Plan and in September it was ratificated by the Judge.

    UPIs Tower and Data Center auctions held in November.

    Conclusion of ANATEL’s agreement with Oi under the Law nº 13.988/2020.

    UPI Mobile auction held in December.

  4. 2019

    Capital increase via subscription of new shares with the participation of BackStoppers.

    Disclosure of the Company’s new Strategic Transformation Plan focused on the expansion of Optic fiber in Brazil and on higher value-added businesses with a growth tendency and vision of the future.

  5. 2018

    Restructuring of Oi’s debt as a result of the approval of the Judicial Recovery Plan.

    Pulverization of the shareholder base with the conversion of Bonds into shares

    New pulverized shareholder base with no defined controller elects 11 independent members to the board of directors, becoming a real Corporation.

    Expansion of investments focused on Fiber Optics and 4G and 4.5G Coverage.

  6. 2017

    Approval of the Judicial Recovery Plan, ensuring the restructuring of the Company’s debt and allowing expansion of investments and increase in share capital.

    Launching of Oito, an entrepreneur and innovation hub which is reference in the generation of new businesses, acceleration of technological solutions, startup development and support to social initiatives.

    Creation of two laboratories at Oi Futuro: Labsônica, created to stimulate creativity and innovate the sound field, and Labora, a connection, learning and creation meeting point for social entrepreneurs.

  7. 2016

    Launching of Oi Total, with national coverage and the most comprehensive product in the industry, fully convergent and defining the Company’s new market repositioning.

    Launching of a new visual identity, reflecting its proposal for a more interactive, digital and dynamic brand.

    Request for Judicial Recovery aimed at preserving the services provided by Empresas Oi while renegotiating debt in order to ensure the sustainability of the business.

    Launching of the Company’s Integrity Program, implementing an anti-corruption policy and renewing its institutional policies.

  8. 2014

    Became the only telecommunications operator with a 100% fiber optics network across all 26 States and the Federal District of Brazil.

    FIFA World cup

  9. 2013

    Acquisition of a stake in Portugal Telecom, expanding Oi’s international presence.

    Confederations Cup

  10. 2012

    Rio +20

  11. 2011

    Formalization of the industrial alliance between Oi and Portugal Telecom.

    Military World Games

  12. 2009

    Merger with Brasil Telecom, creating a company with nationwide presence.

    Launching of nationwide portability services.

  13. 2008

    Launching of the 3G network and converging service packages.

    Launching of mobile services in the state of São Paulo.

    Acquisition of BRT.

  14. 2007

    Inauguration of the Telecommunications Museum in Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.

    Unification of the Oi brand for all services.

    Sponsorship and telecommunications provider for Panamericano Rio 2007

  15. 2006

    Became the first company to offer integrated telecommunications services at the Brazilian Comandante Ferraz Station in Antarctica.

  16. 2002

    Founding of Oi Móvel.

  17. 2001

    Grouping of 16 companies of the North, Northeast and Southeast operations of Telemar into one single company.

  18. 1998

    Founding of Telemar resulting from the privatization of the Telebrás System. The company was present in 16 Brazilian states.