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Portable microcomputer complete with a flat monitor and keyboard, contained in a small computer box and designed to be used in transit.

Law No. 11638/07

Law of December 28, 2007, applicable from January 1, 2008, amending the Corporate Law in relation to the preparation and disclosure of financial statements in order to update the Brazilian corporate law to enable the convergence of Brazilian Accounting Practices with those set out in IFRS.

LDI – Internacional Long-Distance Service

Brazil’s acronym for international long-distance service.

LDN – National Long-Distance Service

Brazil’s acronym for national long-distance service.

Legal Person


Level of using money from third parties instead of one‘s own resources or cash flow in order to increase the company‘s possibilities of making profit but with this increasing the level of an operation‘s risk.


The total debts and obligations of a company or a person.

Line Sharing

Local line sharing, in other words application of asymmetrical digital subscriber line (ADSL) technology of a pair of metal wires for providing, exclusively, telecommunications support service for internet access.


The ability to convert a security or asset into cash.


Registration required for a company to have its stock admitted for trading on a stock exchange. The registration depends on the fulfillment of a series of standards set by the exchange, including being an open capital company registered with CVM and previous authorization to sell the securities.

Local Area

Continuous geographic area, as defined by ANATEL according to technical and economic criteria, where circuit-switched fixed-line telephone service is provided locally.

Local Link

A radiofrequency link refers to a line comprised of one or more line segments of different pitches resulting from possible obstacles that would ensue from the imaginary connection of the points where the transmitter antenna and receiver antenna are located.

Local Services

Local circuit-switched land-line telephone services. For communication between fixed points within the same local area.

Long-Distance Services

Any intra-regional (inter-sectoral and intra-sectoral), inter-regional and/or international service.


Also known as hands-free, this option allows the speaker to use the phone without holding it.

Lowest Price

Lowest price reached for a security during a trading session.