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High-definition television - TV transmission standard with digital technology that offers images with a quality similar to 35mm films and CD-quality sound.


A headphone combined with a microphone. The headset consists either of headphones connected to a telephone or an actual dialing phone that fully substitutes the telephone. It is a telephone device that substitutes the device per se (or receiver). All headsets consist of a listening apparatus and microphone, but nevertheless may be designed in a variety of ways.


This is a mechanism used to protect against a probable price fluctuation.

Hedge Fund

A term used in the securities market to describe certain investment funds that use hedging techniques (strategy used to offset investment risk).


Abbreviated as Hz. This an SI unit of frequency defined as the number of cycles per second of a periodic phenomenon, with one Hertz equivalent to one cycle per second. The name comes from the German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz who died in 1894.


Ratio between the capital stock of a particular stockholder or group of stockholders, and the company‘s total capital stock.

Holding Company

A company that controls other companies by owning a majority of its stock. In general, the holding company has as its main activity, these stakes in one or more companies.

Home Broker

This is a modern relationship channel between investors and brokers, making it even faster and simpler to trade on the stock market, allowing the sending of orders to buy and sell shares by Internet and providing access to price quotes, the tracking of stock portfolios, among other tools.

Housing Bond

Credit instrument issued by real estate companies aimed at raising funds for financing contractors and buyers of property and that earns interest.


A central station that receives/sends signals from/to a satellite via a direct link. It is a concentrator that receives data from various ground (information transmission) stations and directs the data to the satellite.


Special case of extremely high inflation. Situation where the currency loses its reference value and its function as a unit of exchange.