Employee Survey

Survey Monitoring the Transformation Engagement

The Survey Monitoring the Transformation Engagement, carried out quarterly, to create a direct channel with employees, understanding their perceptions on the internal environment and important factors for the challenges of transforming the company. The survey is carried out through an internal online form, and its items are organized into five pillars: transparency and communication; leadership and protagonism; respectful and healthy environment; attitudes for transformation and agile mindset.

Based on the results observed in the 1st wave, held in March 2021, multidisciplinary groups planned and implemented initiatives to improve the internal experience, including:

– Activities to value care, well-being and diversity (monitoring covid cases and remote work experience; nutritional, postural, physical and psychological care online and free for employees; lectures on equity and inclusion, etc.).

– Actions to encourage engagement and self-development (compliment exchange program, valuing recognition among employees and lectures with external guests for self-development).

– Leveraging the customer focus, agile mindset and strategic alignment (content with strategic direction and internal communication campaigns to accelerate the focus on the customer experience and develop the agile mindset).

These actions contributed to an increase of nearly 3 p.p. between the 1st and 2nd wave held in June 2021.

Diversity Census

The Diversity Census aims to map the company’s diversity demography and direct regionalized and assertive actions, also raising the perception of employees on recognizing Oi as a safe and plural environment.

Compared to the market, the results are superior in the gender and race pillars (Ethos 2016 – 500 Largest Companies).

Another expressive result is the fact that 82% of respondents perceive Oi as an inclusive environment.

Based on the results in the last census – carried out in March 2021 with 63% of Oi’s public, we guide actions to raise awareness and accountability for a safe environment for all people, such as structuring a Diversity calendar, training about unconscious biases and Brazilian Sign Language training for employees.

Remote Work Perception Survey

Remote Work Perception Survey

The Remote Work Perception survey aims to create a direct channel with employees to understand perceptions about the current remote work model to ensure the quality of life, transparency, productivity and onboarding. The survey is carried out through an internal online form to assess the improvements that have been implemented generally.

Based on the results in the last survey – carried out in May 2021, we developed a guide for remote work good practices to provide useful information that contributes to daily life on healthy life, practical organization, smart breaks, productive meetings and transparent communication.

With 68% of active employees participating, the survey generated the general perception that:

89% gained or maintained the quality of life in the remote work.

90% intend to keep their remote work for three days or more.

91% are interested in working from home after the quarantine.

Programs, Training and Capacity Building

VIDA.COM Program

Starting in December 2020

Vida.Com – Oi’s quality of life program – is here to help employees take care of their physical, mental and social health through integrated actions 100% online and free. And now with one more pillar: security.

Within each of them, employees can participate in individual appointments with health professionals and also in collective activities with other employees.


  • Nutrition

In the Nutritional area, the employee can sign up for an appointment with a nutritionist with a totally individualized follow-up. They can also sign up for nutritional care groups.

  • Posture

In the Postural area, the employee can sign up for an appointment with a physical therapist with an individualized follow-up. They can also participate in live postural guidance classes.

  • Physical

In the Physical area, the employee can sign up for an appointment with a physical education professional with an individualized follow-up. And also participate in live classes.


In the Mental pillar, the employee can enroll in the Mindfulness Program, where they will have access to tools to practice mindfulness with a specialized professional and other employees. And they can also sign up for individual counseling with a psychologist.


In the social pillar, the employee can register for an individual appointment with a social worker and can also participate in some collective initiatives such as:

Conversation Circles: Support groups on topics of common interest to the participants, with counseling from a guest expert.

Support Groups: Meetings that take place continuously, fortnightly, and seek to create a bond with the participants.

In addition to these actions, Oi already offers its employees many benefits, support and assistance to take care of their body, mind and social relations. As a result, we obtained:

  • Registrations: 3,192 (1,460 registrations for collective actions + 1,732 registrations for individual actions);
  • Individual appointments (in the 05 areas): 2,755 appointments;
  • Collective actions carried out weekly: 07 (02 nutritional groups, 01 collective social action, 02 physical activity classes with a physical education professional, 01 stretching and strengthening class with a physical therapist, 01 mindfulness group;
  • Participants in other activities: 95% of eligible employees participate in 01 or more of the new actions;
  • NPS – Probability of indicating actions to a colleague:2% – Excellence;
  • Average grade given to Program by the participants:74;
  • Adherence to individual appointments: 94%;
  • Indirect professionals: 01 technical coordinator, 03 nutritionists, 02 physical therapists, 04 psychologists, 02 physical education professionals and 01 social worker.
6 Sigma Program

Oi developed a hybrid model that combines 6 Sigma and Agile methodologies to help achieve results more assertively with its pioneering spirit. Since 2011, the program has already earned more than R$1 billion in return for Oi and today has more than 2,800 certified belts.

Corporate Education Program (Oi Educa University)

With different methodologies, formats and tools, Oi evolved its internal training platform in 2021 and launched Oi Educa University, offering its employees a better self-development experience. The initiative is in line with the company’s ESG strategy, with the Corporate Education of its workforce as one of the goals. Divided by categories of courses and development centers, the platform allows employees to choose a training appropriate to their professional moment and journey within the company, according to their schedule and areas of interest for development.

In the Oi Technology, Business and Development centers, the platform has around 483 courses focused on IT, Telecom, Innovation, Business, Behavioral Skills, Work Tools, Diversity and Institutional, among others.

The contents are divided into four specific centers:

Oi Development: Development paths for the entire organization, focused on behavioral and institutional skills and content on the main tools used by employees daily.

Technology: Technical content focused on the company’s operational area. The goal of this center is to keep the team updated on new trends that impact our business.

Business: Technical and business content focused on Oi Soluções. The goal is to keep the team updated on our solutions, processes, and systems to improve their corporate sales strategies.

Leadership: Different content to support the specific needs of Oi’s leadership.

As a result, we obtained:

From January to June 2021:

84,000 participations

212,000 participations from Retail | Business + Oi Soluções

1,750 participations – ALURA Training (largest Brazilian platform for technology courses divided into six main subjects: Innovation and Management, Data Science, Digital Marketing, UX Design, DevOps, Front-end, Programming, and Mobile. There are over 1,500 courses available that the company uses to make available to its employees).


Oi provides training to around 13,500 direct third parties, from the Retail and Business Salesforce, with content on products, systems and sales techniques and another 70,000 indirect third parties from partner companies such as Tahto and Serede.

Leadership Center

Exclusive space for leadership, development and strategic information, with content and tools to support them in the daily management of the transformation journey.


Opportunity to provide training to the company’s executive leadership to face the business’s challenges and people management.

  • 0 Agility and Management Workshop (Rodrigo Giaffredo): Six groups, two for officers and four for managers, totaling 267 participating leaders so far.
  • Engagement and People Retention Workshop (Dom Cabra Foundation): With four subjects available: “Leading in Complex and Changing Environments”, “Psychological Well-Being and Safety: Based on High-Performance Teams”, “The Motives that Drive: Aligning Individual and Organizational Objectives” and “A New Logic: From Heroic Leadership to Distributed Leadership”. Eight classes were planned, with 40 leaders in each.
  • External Mentoring (Top2You): Our leaders can have external mentoring up to twice a month. More than 300 executives have already participated, and we have had 589 mentorships carried out so far.
  • Feedback and Empathic Communication Workshop (Gather): Six groups with 20 leaders in each (to be started).
Knowledge Moment

Program that, through monthly lectures lasting one hour via web streaming, has the goal to inspire and provoke insights and reflections in employees seeking self-development and continuous learning.

In all, we already had 20 editions of the program and the participation of almost 8,000 employees in lectures on many subjects such as innovation, technology, human skills and trends, besides a special edition for leadership.

Meetings For Diversity – Diversity Program

The program is carried out through lectures that address gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, disabilities and their intersections. The goal is to broaden perspectives, promote dialogue between employees and managers, reflection and awareness, besides an increasingly safe and respectful work environment. In 2021, following the Diversity calendar, we had Oi por Elas in March, and Oi por Todes, in June.

Perceptions found through the survey after events:

82% gave top marks to the content;

88% consider Oi’s engagement level to be high with the subject of Diversity and Inclusion.


Mandatory training for every company at Oi Educa University, digital, to broaden people’s perspectives and deconstruct unconscious biases – defined as trends or prejudices of an individual in favor or against a situation, a person fact or a group, considering their judgments, thoughts, and ideas related to past experiences. More than 280 employees have already completed the training with a workload of ninety minutes. For newly hired employees, participation is mandatory.


Action to sponsor inclusion programs for specific audiences to increase representation in the workforce, generating an opportunity for technical, economic and social development for minorities. For example, the fair “Includes PwD” and AfroDev, a training program for young black people as technology developers. In the 2021 Internship Program, to expand the diversity of applicants, there is no age limit or requirement for previous experience or languages.


Training available to all companies at Oi Educa University to qualify employees to use the Brazilian Sign Language, resulting in a more inclusive corporate and social environment. 1,296 outsourced employees of the retail sales force were trained.

Golden Rules Program

Program to ensure the protection of all people involved in Oi’s activities, with key safety rules, covering high-risk situations and reinforcing the prevention of serious accidents. As they are protections to live, they are inviolable, unquestionable and non-negotiable and must be known by all.

Since the beginning of the program, we have had a total of 12,708 hours of training.

Internal Week To Prevent Accidents At Work (SIPAT)

Promoted annually by the Health, Safety and Social Services area, with the support of the Internal Committee on Accident Prevention. The actions have online lectures and content to make teams aware of the importance of focusing on prevention, encouraging the awareness of the risks in our daily lives.

SIPAT 2020 was held in November, covering Accident Management, Vida.Com Program, and Relevant Topics for Operations, totaling seven hours of lectures.

Volunteer Fire Brigade

The Fire Brigade is a group of volunteer employees trained to act in emergencies, such as evacuation, basic first aid and firefighting.

Oi’s current Fire Brigade totals 1,011 volunteer firefighters who had in-person training with a workload of 8 hours, totaling 8,088 training hours.  In addition, Oi has training available in the e-learning model: the Voluntary Fire Brigade Path, part of the Path “Fire Fighting Concepts”, “First Aid Concepts”, and “Emergency Care Plan for Buildings”.

From 2020 and 2021, 459 training hours were registered in Basic First Aid Concepts and Fire Fighting and Prevention Concepts.

Work Safety Training

Oi Educa University provides training on Work Safety, such as Basic Work Safety Concepts, Fire Fighting and Prevention Concepts, Preventive and Conscious Driving, Good Practices when Working at Height, Good Practices in Electricity Jobs, Risk Management, Adequately Using PPE, among others.

In addition, Work Safety promotes on-site training, according to the technical areas, such as work on Telecom towers, hot work, electricity and flammables, among others.

From 2020 and 2021, 108,672 training hours related to Work Safety were applied.

Health Monitoring

Through an online platform, the COVID-19 Prevention Team has been systematically monitoring the health of employees. The tool guides how to manage suspected cases, ensuring expert assistance, if necessary. The answers to the questionnaire generate information that has been helping Oi to outline actions to prevent and fight the disease. As a result, we got over 330,000 responses through the app.

From the results, some actions were mapped and implemented:

– Monitoring the health status of positive, suspected and preventive cases. The data are used to feed the area’s BI with information that supports decisions by the Health Care fronts;

– Identifying changes, such as post-Covid-19 sequelae, where cases are referred to specialists and specific actions of the Vida.Com program.

– Evaluating, based on monitoring, adjustments to the work for employees working on-site, recommending the remote work.

Monitoring all hospitalizations and evaluating and authorizing exceptionalities in the health plan for post-admission recovery by Covid-19.

Awards and Recognition of Good Practices

6 Sigma Accreditation

June 2021

Oi was the first and only company in Brazil to receive the international accreditation for its 6 Sigma Program. This accreditation comes from CSSC – Council for Six Sigma Certification, an entity based in the US, the most credible six sigma accreditor globally, operating in over 165 countries.

Oi developed a hybrid model that combines 6 Sigma and Agile methodologies to help achieve results more assertively with its pioneering spirit. Since 2011, the program has already earned more than R$1 billion in return for Oi and today has more than 2,800 certified belts.

Ethics in business award, in the “ethics and compliance” category, with the case “commitment in fighting covid-19”

December 2020

The new coronavirus pandemic brought challenging scenarios. With a structured and implemented business continuity management process, based mainly on the risk mindset, Oi proved ready to monitor the advance of the pandemic through well-defined actions, business intelligence, adequate contingency and humanized health care, preserving its business and especially its people.

Women On Board Certificate (WOB)

July 2021

With the actions and commitment to advance the Diversity and Inclusion agenda, we reached another important milestone with the WOB – Women on Board certificate, an independent initiative supported by UN Women Brazil with the purpose to recognize the existence of more diverse corporate environments, valuing the presence of women on boards of directors or advisory boards. This recognition reinforces Oi’s move to promote gender equality in the company, bringing alternative strategic visions.

Protection Brazil 2020 Award

September 2020

Oi was awarded in four of the 14 categories with the Gold Award in the cases “Artificial Intelligence and OHS 4.0 in the Telecommunications Industry”, “Oi Educa” and “No Sliding – Mid-Span Grabs in the Telecom Industry” and the Silver Award with the case “Protect You, Protect Oi!”.

Besides the four projects selected for their disruptive concept and contribution to a safe and healthy environment, the company won 1st place in the regional category in the Southeast Region and the national category with the Work Safety path on Oi Educa, an intranet platform with training courses for our employees.


March 2021

Recognition from the National Consumer Office (Senacon), which awarded Oi for its commitment to encourage training employees and contribute to implement actions to improve the customer service processes available on the platform.

Quality Certificate From Brazil’s Internal Auditors Institute

August 2019 – Certificate valid until 2024

Oi’s Internal Audit team has the Quality Certificate from Brazil’s Internal Auditors Institute. This recognizes that Oi’s Internal Audit complies with international standards, adds value to the company, contributes to achieving the goals and provides quality gains to improve the internal control environment. In Brazil, only 19 companies have this certification. As the certification is valid for five years, we underwent a new assessment in the second half of 2020. This new recognition is valid until 2024.

Valor Inovação Brasil 2020 Award

October 2020

Oi is among the top 100 innovative companies in 23 economic segments in Brazil, according to Valor Inovação Brasil’s yearbook. The methodology used for the classification measures the constant investment in research, development and innovation activities. In 2020, the yearbook also highlighted how companies faced the pandemic regarding the impact on planned investments and the search for new solutions to face the difficult adverse context.

Rio De Janeiro Procon Quality Certificate

February 2020

Oi received the Rio de Janeiro Procon quality certificate for the excellent work in customer service.

The criteria for the certificate are based on reducing complaints and having better solution rates to customer problems, besides reducing the response time for consumer requests on the platform and the Brazilian Consumer Protection Information System (SINDEC).

Award Given By The Rio De Janeiro’s Business Leaders Group

December 2020

Oi was nominated and recognized by Rio de Janeiro’s Business Leaders Group (LIDE)* for the excellent work to expand optical fiber in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.

The award highlighted how the service was key for society during the pandemic, where most Brazilians needed to work and study from home with quality internet to meet their new demands.

“Oi’s Client Director, Bernardo Winik, receives the certificate from the LIDE’s representatives hands”

Partner of the Year Brazil Award

July 2020

Oi received the Partner of The Year Brazil award in the Managed Services category at the Cisco Partner Summit 2019 worldwide event for the sales results in Oi Soluções’ digital solutions.

Latam Partner Of The Year Award

March 2020

Oi Soluções won the 2020 edition of the LATAM Partner of the Year Award from the U.S. multinational Fortinet. The award recognizes Oi’s corporate segment as a strategic partner in Latin America in the cybersecurity, SDWAN and WiFi solutions market. The award considers solid growth, commercial results and excellent customer relationships.

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