Analysts coverage

Equity analysts who regularly prepare reports about Oi


Broker Analyst Recommendation Price Target
Bradesco BBI Otávio Tanganelli Buy R$ 3,40
HSBC TBD Buy R$ 2,35
BTG Pactual Carlos Eduardo Sequeira Buy R$ 2,30
UBS Leonardo Olmos Buy R$ 1,70
Credit Suisse Daniel Federle Hold R$ 1,60
Santander Felipe Cheng Hold R$ 1,10
Newstreet Research Soomit Datta Hold R$ 0,90
Barclays Mathieu Robilliard Hold U$ 1,85 (1)
Itaú Arturo Langa Restricted Restricted*
JP Morgan Marcelo Santos Restricted Restricted*
Morgan Stanley Cesar Medina Restricted Restricted*
Goldman Sachs Diego Aragão Restricted Restricted*
BofA Merrill Lynch Fred Mendes Restricted Restricted*

(1) Oi’s ADR (OIBZQ) coverage in the OTC market
* Restricted Analysts due to Oi’s M&A process