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Value-Added Services

Type of service with more functionality that other transmission services offered by a telecommunications network.

Variable – Rate Security

A security whose profitability is not known in advance and are usually determined based on an index.


Broadband service provided by the Company to provide high-speed internet access.

Venture Capital

This is the name given to the capital that is invested in risk models, which means that there is the possibility of losses and also for high yields.


Acronym for "Vida Gerador de Benefício Livre", translated as Life Free Benefit Generator. It is a private pension plan without the monthly charge of Income Tax. The tax is charged when you start receiving retirement benefits or upon withdrawing the money invested before the time established for yourself to begin making withdrawals.


Video communication session between two or more geographically distant parties. The equipment allows for a series of applications once computer networks have been connected. The user can combine video tools and information applications. For transmission, there are more broadband options that are more widely available than ISDN lines. High-definition sound and images and the absence of delays (when voice and motion are out of synch) has convinced many to sign-up for this service.

Virtual Private Network

a private network (corporate network, for example) built over the infrastructure of a public network (public resource, where there is no control over information access), normally the internet. In other words, instead of using dedicated links or packet networks (like, X.25 and frame relay) to connect to remote networks.


A messaging service where messages for users are recorded for later recovery.


Voice-over IP - technology to transmit voice over networks (including the internet) based on an IP protocol.


The average degree of fluctuation in the value of shares of a fund when pricing an asset or security over a given period. High volatility means a tendency to strong variations and more liquidity. Measure of risk that a fund has in relation to daily quotas.


Right that the owner of common stock (or preferred not devoid of this faculty) to participate in the discussions at general meetings.