About Oi

Oi is a Brazilian telecommunications company, pioneer in convergent broadband services, pay TV, local and long-distance voice transmission. The company is the operator that has the biggest fiber optics network capillarity, with over 400,000 kilometers of fiber, guaranteeing its nationwide presence, and reaching remote areas to promote digital inclusion of the population. In addition to telecommunications services for the retail and corporate markets, Oi also offers innovative IT solutions for companies of all sizes through a cloud computing platform.

Oi believes that sports can transform lives and contribute to develop children and young people. Therefore, sport is one of the Company’s marketing investment pillar. Over the years, Oi was the official sponsor of the 2007 Pan American Games, successfully providing telecommunications services during the event and the Military World Games in 2011. It was also responsible for the structure of Rio +20, in 2012.

With great expertise in national and international events, Oi was the official infrastructure provider for the 2014 World Cup – the most connected in FIFA’s history, with record in data transmission. Oi developed a detailed solutions project, adapted to the communication needs of the event, that was implemented in compliance with FIFA, state and municipal agencies and the Local Organizing Committee’s (LOC) requirements. The Company provided customized technology solutions to each of the 12 World Cup 2014 Host Cities and surrounding municipalities. The event lasted 31 days, in which we served 32 teams and 20,000 accredited media professionals covering the event, connected 70 FIFA operating points, from stadiums and hotels to ticket points of sale and withdrawals. It was necessary to build a structure with 522 kilometers of network cable, 62 kilometers of optical fiber and 8,000 kilometers of wired network, as well as 700 WI-FI antennas. Data traffic on the media and computer networks reached 74 terabytes, equivalent to 80 million normal-resolution photos.

Purpose and Vision

Company’s purpose

Create new futures, bringing digital life to everyone.

Company’s vision

To be the leader in fiber optic connections and digital solutions that improve people’s lives and businesses across the country.

What We Do

Oi operates in 2 business fronts:

Offers integrated voice, broadband and pay TV services. The Company’s recent expansion fiber optics capillarity plan has enabled the growth of FTTH technology with ultra-broadband and voice and TV over IP services. In 1Q21, the Company was already offering fiber optics to more than 2,300 cities and had 10.5 Million Homes Passed with FTTH.

Serves large and medium companies and government authorities through the CORPORATE segment, and small companies through the SMALL segment, offering a portfolio of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) solutions, in the areas of Cloud & Data Center, IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data & Analytics, Cybersecurity, Data and Voice Connectivity, and Management.

Besides that, on the WHOLESALE segment, Oi sell services and telecommunications infrastructure to other operators (large and small; fixed and mobile telephony providers; national and international), aiming to be the main national provider of transmission and transportation neutral network and facilitator of the 5G infrastructure in Brazil.

Our Numbers

For more details about Oi’s numbers, please access the Support Sheet and the Press Release.

R$ mi 2Q23 2Q22 Δ A/A 1Q23 Δ T/T
New Oi Net Revenues 2,168 2,237 -3.1% 2,227 -2.7%
% Ex-Legacy Revenue 1,918 1,735 10.5% 1,915 0.1%
Routine EBITDA 129 384 -66.5% 193 -33.4%
EBITDA Routine Margin
5,3% 14,0% -8.7 pp 7.7% -2.4 pp
Capex 263 1,032 -74.5% 219 19.9%
Routine EBITDA – Capex -134 -647 -79.3% -26 416.9%
Net Debt (fair value) 21,198 16,123 31.5% 20,940 1.2%
Cash Position 2,550 5,031 -49.3% 1,807 41.1%