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An electronic stock exchange with a computerized system for trading and controlling stock quotes for more than 5,000 companies with headquarters in New York. Has been active since 1970 and concentrates its operations on stocks from high technology companies.

Net Income

In financial investments, it is the set of gains obtained from a transaction after the payment of income tax.

Net Profit Per Share

Earnings per share obtained during a given period of time calculated by dividing a company‘s net profit by the number of existing shares.


Set of operator switchboards, equipment and transmission media used to support circuit-switched fixed-line telephone service provision. The transmission equipment can be based on fiber-optic cable, metal cables or point-to-point radio connections.

New Controlling Companies

Companies that, as a result of Telebrás spin-off in May 1998, assumed the rights and obligations beholden to Telebrás as well as control of its subsidiaries.


Acronym for National Financial System. Set of institutions and financial instruments that enables the transfer of resources and creates conditions whereby securities have liquidity on the financial market.


Acronym for the National Monetary Council, which is the highest deliberative body in the National Financial System. NMC has the responsibility to establish the general guidelines of the monetary, foreign exchange, and credit policies; regulate the conditions for the establishment, operation, and inspection of financial institutions; and regulate the instruments of monetary policy and exchange.

Nominal Deficit

This is the amount spent by the government above the amount collected, considering the interest payments on public debt.

Nominal Income

Set of gains obtained in an operation without discounting the losses from inflation.

Nominal Interest

This is the amount by which the interest is contracted.

Nominal Value of Stock

Value established in the bylaws of a company and assigned to a share representative of its capital.


Network - term used for ISDN networks to identify access from the point of view of the network where the platform or devices are connected.