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Acronym for Earnings Before Interest and Taxes of a company.


Enhanced data rates for GSM evolution - digital mobile telephone technology that allows for the transfer of data using GSM and GPRS standards at speeds of up to 500kbps.


Acronym for Extraordinary General Meeting. Name given to the stockholders meeting convened to deliberate on any matter of interest to stakeholders. Its summons depends on the company‘s specific needs.


Brazil‘s acronym for dedicated lines for industrial application.

Electronic Trading

Electronic trading system by terminals that makes it possible for certified operators and brokers to conduct of business in markets of spot, forward, and options with instruments and fees defined by BOVESPA.


Transfer of ownership of a security by means of a written declaration, usually made on the back side of a document.


A deposit of securities made to the creditor in order to ensure the fulfillment of an obligation.


Architecture used in the local area networks. It generally uses coaxial cables, although other methods can be used, such as telephone lines and radio waves that connect different computers. Each of these computers competes with the others to access the network, and certain rules exist determine which computers can transmit information at a given moment. Information can be sent by only one computer at a time or as a broadcast to all computers on the network.


Name given to stock that already has exercised the rights granted by a company.

Ex-rights Date

Date after which former rights on the stock exchange (dividends, interest on capital subscription, and rebate) are no longer applicable.


Financial operation of selling, exchanging, or buying amounts in currencies of other countries.

Exchange Rate

Amount paid in the conversion between two currencies.

Exchange Variation

Percentage disclosed that indicates the variation of the exchange rate in a given period.

Exclusion of the Right of First Refusal

The bylaws of publicly traded companies that contain authorization to increase capital may stipulate the issuance, without right of first refusal for the former holders of stock, debentures, or beneficiary parts convertible into stock.

Exercise Date of Option

Due date for exercising the right to purchase or sell in cash the assets that are the object of the option.

Exercise of Options

Operation in which the holder of an operation exercises his/her right to buy or sell the lot of stock, object of issuing options, at the exercise price.