Value Generation Model

Commitment To Sustainability

Mapping and understanding our responsibilities and impacts to society and the environment is the first step in making a commitment to sustainable development. We are determined to take joint actions with all our stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and society in general) with responsibility, promoting ethics and transparency, investing in the eco-efficiency of our activities, mitigating the environmental impacts of our operations and services, reducing our carbon footprint and respecting and encouraging the diversity of our employees, customers and suppliers. We aim to cooperate towards economic development through sustainable and inclusive societies, driving digital transformation by means of our Telecom and IT solutions, promoting positive impact on society and generating sustainable value for our company.

From our core activity, providing converged and integrated telecommunications services, we promote digital inclusion and, consequently, social inclusion.

Public Commitments

Since 2018, we have endorsed the Business Pact for Integrity and Against Corruption, a voluntary commitment made by private and public companies aimed at promoting a more ethical and fair market and discouraging corrupt practices.

We are also signatories and have promoted initiatives related to the principles of the Global Compact since 2009, in addition to acting in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We voluntarily provide information to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and annually reportnour greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory to the Public Emissions Registry of the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program. We publish the Sustainability Report annually on our Investor Relations website, following the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards (GRI Standards), which we consider as an essential option to inform our performance in economic, social and environmental spheres.

We have also implemented actions within the scope of the Mutual Cooperation Term against Pedophilia, which brings together telecommunications companies, the Federal Public Ministry, the Federal Police and the SaferNet Brasil organization to prevent and combat crimes practiced on the internet against children and teenagers.

In 2020 we took another important step towards a more sustainable business movement. We adhered to the Movimento Mulher 360, which aims to contribute to the economic empowerment of Brazilian women in a 360-degree view, through promotion, systematization and diffusion of advances in business policies and practices and engagement of the Brazilian business community and society in general.

Principles of the Global Compact

Sustainable Development Goals

Corporate Governance

Our corporate governance system is comprised of our Bylaws, corporate structure, organizational structure, policies, procedures and practices, and the provisions provided in the Judicial Reorganization Plan for Empresas Oi, ratified by the Judicial Reorganization Court in 2018. Our performance complies with the recommendations of the Brazilian Corporate Governance Code for Publicly Listed Companies.

The Company’s Bylaws, approved in September 2018 and amended on April 26, 2019, contains high standards of corporate governance, among which we highlight the following:

  • convertibility of preferred shares, when and under the conditions approved by the Board of Directors;
  • minimum 20% of independent board members, pursuant to the terms of the Novo Mercado Regulation;
  • prohibition to accumulate roles as Chairman of the Board and CEO, or any other key executive role;
  • the Board of Directors’ must comment on any public offer regarding the acquisition of Oi shares;
  • a public offering for acquisition of shares must be carried out in the event the Company cancels its registration as a publicly-held company or withdraws from the Level 1 of Corporate Governance, except if it enters into the Level 2 of Corporate Governance or the Novo Mercado segment; and
  • disputes and controversies must be resolved through arbitration with the Market Arbitration Chamber.
Compliance Program

Oi’s sustainable growth must be constructed on the pillars of ethics, conduct, risk management and compliance.

We promote a Compliance Program aimed at improving the corporate risk mitigation structure and anti-corruption mechanisms, and promoting the optimization of business processes. The Compliance Department is responsible for structuring, implementing and issuing periodic reports on its evolution to the Audit, Risks and Control Committee, as well as to the Board of Directors.

The program guidelines and rules are established in a series of regulations, including the Code of Ethics, the Anticorruption Policy and the Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality Policy, all of which are reviewed every two years and formally approved by senior management.

The Company also has a Policy for Transactions with Related Parties and Situations Involving Conflict of Interest, which aims to establish rules and consolidate the procedures for transactions of this nature, preserving the transparency of the process so that decisions are always made in compliance with the best corporate governance practices and in the best interest of the Company, its management and shareholders, avoiding abuse and misuse of Oi’s assets.

In addition to compliance practices, we have an Internal Audit area that reports directly to the Board of Directors and audits processes, financial statements, compliance and investigates complaints from our Whistle-blowing Channel.

Communication and Transparency

We provide an exclusive channel for reporting complaints that involve employees, suppliers and service providers who fail to comply with internal rules and policies, as well as applicable laws. Unethical behaviors such as moral or sexual harassment, corruption or fraud, among others, can be reported. Whistleblowers can report complaints anonymously or have their identities disclosed if they wish. We guarantee the total confidentiality of the complaints, as well as non-retaliation of whistleblowers.

All complaints are investigated and evaluated by the Oi Ethics Committee. Sanctions for non-compliance with the Code of Ethics shall be subject to the Company’s disciplinary actions, which may be carried out through verbal or written warnings, suspension or termination of  employment contract, without prejudice to the filing of lawsuits.

Whistle-blowing Channel   0800 2822088


Risk Management

The Risk Management and Internal Controls Management monitors the main risks to which Oi is exposed to, according to the rules defined in the Risk Management Policy approved by senior management. The document establishes a methodology for the identification, assessment, treatment, monitoring and reporting of risks, which are segregated according to categories and subcategories for environmental, social and integrity aspects.

We also operate in accordance with the Treasury Policy, which includes the Investment, Hedge and Funding sessions. Its implementation ensures active and continuous management of liquidity, credit and market risks (including foreign exchange risk and interest rate risk), aiming to anticipate and, when necessary, protecting against unfavorable scenarios. We monitor the adherence of our financial transactions with the limits established by these documents and report data to the Company’s senior management and the Board of Directors.

Guidelines underlying the Risk Management Policy and Internal Controls

  • Best Corporate Governance practices of the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC);
  • ABNT NBR ISO 31000:2009 – Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines;
  • The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO);
  • ABNT NBR ISO 22301:2013 – Society Security – Business Continuity Management System;
  • Instruction 586 of the Comissão de Valores Mobiliários; and
  • Law 12.846/13 (anti-corruption) – for purposes of assessing corruption risks.


Operating Performance

Privacy And Data Security

In 2019, we focused on expanding and strengthening security and privacy processes, based on protocols developed in accordance with best practices and international standards. Security actions taken for Oi client information are based on applicable legal regulations and seek to define network technology standards and team awareness, especially in the business, information technology and engineering areas. Within our approval flow process, we assess the need for a user to have access, or not, to the data traffic. Information security management guarantees the minimum security requirements in product research and development, in addition to tests done prior to entry into production.

Our Information Security Policy is publicly available and can be accessed through the link.

General Data Protection Law (LGPD)

Oi is implementing a initiatives to ensure compliance with the LGPD, including an assessment project supported by specialized advisors, which includes a detailed review of our policies, processes and systems to be used as a basis for an adjustment plan.

A governance process has already been established to review and adapt new products or initiatives, which must be addressed at the design stage, in line with the Privacy by Design concept.

The committees created in 2019 is responsible for this task, which also coordinate all the Company’s projects being implemented to fully comply with the LGPD. Legal rules and guidelines are being incorporated in an integrated manner with all the Company’s compliance and risk methodologies and policies, and will be highlighted in the Code of Ethics.

For more information, see our Privacy Portal.

Acess our Privacy Policy, which shows in detail Oi’s guidelines for processing physical or digital data provided by individuals (customers and non-customers) who use our services.

New Business

Oi seeks to differentiate itself and continue to operate in the national market through innovation. Many of our investments in research and development were made in partnership with science and technology institutes, incubators and technology centers.

We reinforce digital initiatives, leveraging their impacts on customer experience and improving operational efficiency, focusing on human and digital services, for example. We launched Joice, our artificial intelligence robot, which at this stage offers automated service and technical support, and launched the Oi Techtônica, a  blog designed to intelligently attract potential new clients through digital platforms. We also included new features to the Virtual Technical application to facilitate our technical self-service option. We also expanded our Operations Center.

The Incubator Oito, our entrepreneurship and innovation hub in Rio de Janeiro, has played an important role in generating new business by accelerating technological solutions, developing start-ups and supporting the innovation ecosystem. Throughout 2019, the hub elaborated a new investment methodology for start-ups selecting the ones who are in traction phase and better accept challenges for new revenue generation, increased efficiency and reduced costs to assist Oi in the search for innovations that benefit the Company.

Within this context, we are developing our Innovation Ecosystem in an integrated manner and interacting with most of the institutions in Brazil that have this characteristic, in which we highlight partnerships with solution providers and research centers.


Human And Social Resources


Under the challenge of creating and strengthening a unique culture, Oi has been promoting an alignment across the Company in pursuit of business objectives. Based on our strategy, the Management Model provides clear goals and responsibilities, as well as discipline and consistent execution, encouraging team work and collaboration among departments.

The Company’s People and Management division works continuously to adapt its structure and processes with our business strategies in order to enable greater operational efficiency. To support our People Development Cycle, Oi works with tools such as promotions based on meritocracy, internal recruitment, in which open positions are offered to employees firsthand, performance monitoring cycles, and strengthening and valuing the self-development culture in which employees are protagonists of their  own careers.

To promote learning, we have a Corporate Education Program, through which we map and disseminate key knowledge for the Company and develop educational practices and actions. The initiative operates under three main pillars, which include face-to-face and  online actions:

  • Development Trails for Technical Skills: a critical knowledge mapping project linked with the processes of each department, created in partnership with the execution teams;
  • Leadership Development Training: a training program for the Company’s leaders, aiming at reaching execution excellence for their activities and focused on best management practices; and
  • Business Knowledge Trails: programs aimed at business teams, focused on specific knowledge of the Company’s products and promotions.

Since 2016, Oi Educa has been our main education and training management tool. In addition to the conventional e-learning programs, the platform offers video resources, virtual training rooms, document library,  chats and forums, creatig a collaborative and interactive environment among employees. We believe in the social learning concept, in which the sharing and  exchange of knowledge are key factors for the development of people and, consequently, for the evolution of our business.

Health And Safety

We operate in compliance with the Health, Safety and Environment Policy. and monitor the work conditions of our employees through routine medical exams for admissions, check-ups, change in job functions, return to work after leave-of-absence and dismissals. Pursuant with current legislation, we provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Collective Protection Equipment (CPE), in addition to benefits established by collective labor agreements, such as: medical, hospital and dental care, and medication assistance to employees and their dependents. We also have Internal Accident Prevention Commissions (Cipas) and Voluntary Fire Prevention and Fight Brigades.

We promote the most modern and current training program for  health and safety, through the Oi Educa platform to make available practices developed by professionals with recognized proficiency in the matter. The format is diverse, offering from infographics to talk shows,  which contributes to engagement.

Quality Of Life

Through the Oi Vida em Dia Program, launched in 2014, we promote initiatives aimed at valuing, caring and recognizing human resource. In addition to the legal requirement for clinical exams, the Company complements the routine exams with laboratory tests that help in the early diagnosis of diseases or other health risk factors for the employee.

Another benefit we offer is the Home Office Program, which seeks to motivate, increase productivity and provide quality of life to employees by allowing remote work once a week. In 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a relevant portion of Oi’s workforce began working remotely every day of the week.

Supply Chain

The key elements of our supply chain are represented by:

  • Network Service Providers: development and maintenance of an external plant and optical fiber infrastructure, in addition to specialized services in the licensing and site acquisition areas;
  • technology and equipment companies: customer equipment (data, satellite and voice), switching, transmission (radios and backbones), technical support, platforms, cables and specific equipment for the digital TV segment; and
  • call center: telephone services for all client segments.

We conduct a compliance monitoring on all our suppliers by using the Supplier Qualification Index – Pilar RH (IQF-RH) assessment which analyzes issues related to HR Administration and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). The assessment is conducted by our Work Relations, Benefits and Third-Party Management Department, in partnership with the Health, Safety, Environment and Social Service Department.

We do not accept the exploitation of child labor, forced labor or compulsory labor and 100% of our supplier contracts establish the responsibility and commitment to avoid these practices. In addition, we carry out periodic audits on suppliers that are critical to our business to verify if they are complying with these legal and contractual requirements.

Social Development – Social Investment

We reinforce our commitment with society through Oi Futuro, our social responsibility institute, which operates under the Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (Oscip) certificate.

We invest in social projects by using our own resources and incentivized benefits through our Sponsorship and Events department and Oi Futuro in activities such as education, culture, social innovation and sports, enhancing personal and collective development, fostering innovation, promoting collaborative solutions and stimulating connections among organizations, ideas and people.

Oi Futuro maintains a cultural center in Rio de Janeiro, with a program that values the convergence between contemporary art and technology, with about 95,000 visitors per year. The space also houses the Musehum – Museum of Communications and Humanities, with a collection of over 130,000 pieces. The space is an evolution of the Telecommunications Museum, which had its facilities completely remodeled due to this new identity, reopening in 2020. For 16 years Oi Futuro has managed the Oi Program of Encouraged Cultural Sponsorships, which selects projects in all regions of the country through a public notice. Since 2003, there have been more than 2,500 cultural projects supported by Oi Futuro, which have benefited millions of viewers.

In Education, the Oi Institute invests in NAVE (Advanced Education Nucleus – Núcleo Avançado em Educação) a public-private partnership developed since 2006, with the  Education Secretary of Rio de Janeiro and Pernambuco States in two integrated public high schools. NAVE has trained more than 2,800 students and currently involves nearly 1,000 students and 70 educators in both schools. The program offers technical courses in Programming and Multimedia, focusing on preparing young people for digital and creative economies and training critical and transformative citizens. Schools function as laboratories for the creation and experimentation of innovative pedagogical methodologies, disseminated through free digital publications and training for more than 2,000 educators from public networks in 20 States/DF, 167 municipalities and 529 schools through face-to-face and online courses in educational robotics, media, education, digital culture and pedagogical use of technologies.

In Social Innovation, Oi Futuro created Labora– the Laboratory of Social Innovation, a laboratory dedicated to connecting and strengthening entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations committed to social impact. Labora is an environment of learning, creation and articulation and offers acceleration cycles for startups and social organizations selected by public notices. Since 2017, there have been 83 businesses and organizations accelerated and more than 170 mentors, with about 500 entrepreneurs directly impacted. In addition to Labora, Oi launched LabSonica, a laboratory of artistic experimentation and collaborative creation that has impacted more than 7,000 people through artistic residencies, recordings and courses.

Additional information is available at:

Access to Telecommunications and Social Inclusion

The access is made through the:

  • Broadband in Schools Program (PBLE), which objective is to provide, by 2025, internet with a speed equal to or greater than 2MB in all urban public schools and for the training of elementary and high school teachers identified by the Ministry of Education (MEC), based on the Census of the National Institute of Studies and Research (Inep).
  • Plan for the General Universalization Goals (PGMU), an initiative which seeks to guarantee access to wireline telephone services. In 2019, we invested more than R$2.52 million, covering 77 locations, of which R$1.31 million was in 19 locations with individual access and R$1.21 million in 58 locations with collective access.
  • Backhaul, which consists of installing broadband in eligible municipalities and upgrading the speeds previously installed. We currently serve more than 3,181 Brazilian municipalities with Backhaul.


Natural Resources

Sustainable Development

Our commitment to sustainable development is expressed and guided by the Sustainability Policy, whose objective is to define guidelines for the creation of mechanisms aimed at the sustainability of our business and the management of socio-environmental impacts arising from the Company’s activities.

In order to minimize the environmental impact caused by our activities, we developed several ongoing actions, including initiatives to reduce our water and electric consumption, offer selective waste collection at our main administrative buildings, and collect cell phones and batteries at selected stores to recycle these used materials.

Carbon Management

Since 2009, we have annually mapped the direct and indirect emissions in our GHG emissions inventory, and have disclosed this voluntarily to the public emissions register of the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program (the methodology used to carry out the inventory) and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

For more information on our management of GHG emissions, access our inventory available on the website for the public record of emissions according to the GHG Protocol:

As guided by Oi’s Climate Change Policy,the Company is committed to global initiatives aimed at stabilizing the concentration of GHGs in the atmosphere through the development of projects that simultaneously address environmental balance, stakeholder awareness, practices that seek to mitigate risks and adapt for a low carbon economy.

Energy Comsumption

Energy management is part of Oi’s strategic plan and is aimed at diversifying its consumption matrix, migrating to renewable sources at a lower cost, in addition to contributing to the environment, especially in the battle against climate change.

The strategy is based on the following objectives:

  • Reduce energy costs;
  • Plan and control energy expenses;
  • Improve and optimize processes;
  • Establish governance to control processes and results related to energy consumption;
  • Implement energy projects;
  • Create an energy rationalization mindset at the Company;
  • Create a closer relationship with the concessionaires.
Impact Reduction

The Oi Troca Fácil is a measure aimed at reducing impacts, in line with the conscious consumption model, based on the circular economy trend and environmental concerns. Since 2016, we offer customers discounts on purchase of mobile devices in exchange of their older devices at our stores. The used device is collected by our partner, carefully reviewed and tested by a team of specialized technicians to later be resold with a three-month warranty.

We also recover the decoders, an equipment required for the Oi TV, after the end of contracts with customers so that new clients can use them. In addition, we also provide collection bins for disposal of cell phones, batteries and accessories at our stores, and we collect used batteries at our administrative buildings.


Annual Report And Sustainability Policies

Annual Sustainability Report

Since 2011, we have been adopting the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard in the preparation of our sustainability reports. Find out more about the results, strategy, commitments and policies that make up our sustainable business model and create value for all stakeholders by accessing our Annual Sustainability Report.

Latest version available:

2023 Annual Sustainability Report

Report History:

ASR 2022
ASR 2021
ASR 2020
ASR 2019
ASR 2018
ASR 2017
ASR 2016
ASR 2015
ASR 2014
ASR 2013
ASR 2012
ASR 2011
Sustainability Policies

Our policies on sustainability are also available at the links below:

(*) Portuguese only.


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