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Amount established previously and unilaterally by the government corresponding to the amount to be paid by optional users of goods or the services provided thereto by the government, directly or indirectly through authorized entities, operators or permit holders, in a manner that is exclusive or of limited competition.


Device that produces facsimile copies of a document over distances. The term is also used for a message sent or received through this device.


Abbreviation for Federal Reserve Bank. It is the central bank of the United States. Created by Congress in 1913, it operates the national payment system, distributes the national currency, supervises and regulates the banking system, and serves as the bank for the US Treasury.

Fiber Optics

Any fiber filament composed of dielectric materials used to transmit laser-generated or LED-generated signals.

Financial Institutions

Organizations authorized to operate by the Central Bank that make up the financial market. Commercial banks, investment banks, brokerage firms, and credit unions are examples of financial institutions.

Financial Statements

Accounting statements and other information submitted by companies reporting the economic and financial situation of a company. These financial statements are presented in nominal values and present, for comparison, results from the previous year.


The point of the network defined as the boundary between one network and another, used for security purposes. A firewall is used to separate the internet from a company‘s network.

Fixed-line Telephony

Conventional telephone system consisting of fixed-line telephones linked to a telephone exchange through copper wires or radio raves, as the case with WLL phones.

Fixed-rate Security

A security whose profitability is known in advance at the moment the investment is made.

Floating Dollar

Exchange rate used in major financial transactions and in the conversion of dollars from residents. It is the same as tourism dollar exchange rate.

Floating Exchange

An exchange policy where the currency varies according to the supply and demand for a convertible currency (usually US dollars).


Territorial range reached by the signals of a radio-base station. Corresponds to the area of a cell site.

Foreign Currency Reserves

International reserves of a country in currencies of other countries.


Data packet transmitted through a serial line. The term is derived from a byte-oriented protocol that adds special bytes to the beginning and end of frames when transmitting data packets.

Frame Relay

Data-transfer service over digital networks with a speed of up to 2 Mbps that connects local networks, enables multimedia applications (like videoconferencing), integrates voice and data, and/or integrates multiprotocol networks or other data applications that require connectivity.

Free Exchange

System of exchange operations that does not maintain the interference of the country‘s monetary authorities. Therefore, the values of foreign currencies fluctuate according the interest they arouse in the market.


The rate at which telecommunication signals and electric currents cycle. Normally measures in Hertz (cycles per second).

Full Billing or Full Bill

Connection billing procedure for all mobile-to-mobile phone calls within the same local area (regulation established by ANATEL in Resolution 438). It substituted the "bill and keep" system for mobile telephones.

Fungible Custody

This is when the custodial service allows that the securities received may not be the same as those deposited. They must, however, be of the same kind, quality, and quantity.


Technological Telecommunications Development Fund [Fundo para o Desenvolvimento Tecnológico das Telecomunicações], established under Law 10,052 on November 28, 2000.


Universalized Telecommunications Fund [Fundo de Universalização dos Serviços de Telecomunicações].

Future Dollar

Price quote expected by financial markets for the value of the dollar in the futures market.

Future Market

Segment of the market that includes buying/selling during trading sessions of contracts authorized by the futures exchange for settlement on a prefixed future date. The deal includes a buyer who agrees to pay a certain amount on the date set for the goods offered by the seller. The object traded may be a commodity, a security, a currency, or a benchmark index such as the Bovespa Index. The contracts traded are standardized by BM&F, which allows the trades to be streamlined.

Future Value

Value of capital including its interest from one or more periods.