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Desegregation of elements from the network of operators of circuit-switched fixed-line telephone services through which all telecommunications service providers of collective interest are guaranteed use of the operators‘ network elements for access to the telecommunication-service user’s or subscriber’s terminal.


Financial institutions that specialize in stock issuance operations on the primary market. In Brazil, these institutions are, in general, multiple service banks or investment banks, securities distributors, and brokers that keep teams of analysts and technicians with the skills to guide entrepreneurs, showing them the conditions and the best opportunity for a company to open its capital to the investing public through issuance operations.


Similar to the term "subscription" and refers to the process of issuing stock or debentures for public subscription. The placement of these securities is done by financial institutions authorized to intermediate operations to issue stock on the primary market.

Unit Value of Stock

The quotient between a company‘s paid-in capital and the number of shares issued.

Universal Access

Obligation beholden to telecommunications operators under the public system that seeks to make access to telecommunications services available to any person or institution of the public interest regardless of location or socio-economic status and to allow for the use of essential telecommunication services that are of public interest.


Selling more sophisticated products/services to a client who already has the products/services of the same line (example: selling higher connection speeds to a client who already has a broadband connection).


Speed at which data is transmitted.


Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in the United States of America.


Any person who uses telecommunications services, independent of a service agreement or paid subscription with the provider.