Survey Monitoring the Transformation Engagement

The Survey Monitoring the Transformation Engagement, carried out quarterly, to create a direct channel with employees, understanding their perceptions on the internal environment and important factors for the challenges of transforming the company. The survey is carried out through an internal online form, and its items are organized into five pillars: transparency and communication; leadership and protagonism; respectful and healthy environment; attitudes for transformation and agile mindset.

Based on the results observed in the 1st wave, held in March 2021, multidisciplinary groups planned and implemented initiatives to improve the internal experience, including:

– Activities to value care, well-being and diversity (monitoring covid cases and remote work experience; nutritional, postural, physical and psychological care online and free for employees; lectures on equity and inclusion, etc.).

– Actions to encourage engagement and self-development (compliment exchange program, valuing recognition among employees and lectures with external guests for self-development).

– Leveraging the customer focus, agile mindset and strategic alignment (content with strategic direction and internal communication campaigns to accelerate the focus on the customer experience and develop the agile mindset).

These actions contributed to an increase of nearly 3 p.p. between the 1st and 2nd wave held in June 2021.

We held the 3rd round of the research in November 2021 and, even after the changes, we have maintained the same internal engagement from the beginning of the year. All pillars slightly fell from the values recorded in the 2nd round, but employee engagement remained at a high level of more than 80%.