Supply Chain

The key elements of our supply chain are represented by:

  • Network Service Providers: development and maintenance of an external plant and optical fiber infrastructure, in addition to specialized services in the licensing and site acquisition areas;
  • technology and equipment companies: customer equipment (data, satellite and voice), switching, transmission (radios and backbones), technical support, platforms, cables and specific equipment for the digital TV segment; and
  • call center: telephone services for all client segments.

We conduct a compliance monitoring on all our suppliers by using the Supplier Qualification Index – Pilar RH (IQF-RH) assessment which analyzes issues related to HR Administration and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). The assessment is conducted by our Work Relations, Benefits and Third-Party Management Department, in partnership with the Health, Safety, Environment and Social Service Department.

We do not accept the exploitation of child labor, forced labor or compulsory labor and 100% of our supplier contracts establish the responsibility and commitment to avoid these practices. In addition, we carry out periodic audits on suppliers that are critical to our business to verify if they are complying with these legal and contractual requirements.