I acquired a fixed line from one of the companies that originated Oi before privatization and would like to know if I am entitled to Oi shares. What should I do?

All shares arising from the purchase of fixed lines before privatization resulting in shares of Oi S.A. are held in custody by Banco do Brasil. For more information about shareholding positions, as well as a statement of share transactions, shareholders or their representatives only need to present an identification document with photo in any Banco do Brasil branch. Heirs only need to present their identification document and the shareholder’s death certificate.

If there are no shares registered under the individual taxpayer’s ID (CPF) in question, but there have been shares recorded under it at some point in the past, the bank will provide a statement of all share transactions since the date of privatization. Only in case no shares have ever been recorded under the individual taxpayer’s ID (CPF) will Banco do Brasil not be able to produce statements due to the lack of share transactions.

For more information on how to redeem the shares arising from the purchase of telephone lines, please see the website of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM). To learn more about the process, please click on this link: http://www.cvm.gov.br/menu/atendimento/perguntas.html#Q7