Health Monitoring

Through an online platform, the COVID-19 Prevention Team has been systematically monitoring the health of employees. The tool guides how to manage suspected cases, ensuring expert assistance, if necessary. The answers to the questionnaire generate information that has been helping Oi to outline actions to prevent and fight the disease. As a result, we got over 353,000 responses through the app.

From the results, some actions were mapped and implemented:

– Monitoring the health status of positive, suspected and preventive cases. The data are used to feed the area’s BI with information that supports decisions by the Health Care fronts;

– Identifying changes, such as post-Covid-19 sequelae, where cases are referred to specialists and specific actions of the Vida.Com program.

– Evaluating, based on monitoring, adjustments to the work for employees working on-site, recommending the remote work.

Monitoring all hospitalizations and evaluating and authorizing exceptionalities in the health plan for post-admission recovery by Covid-19.