Corporate Education Program (Oi Educa University)

With different methodologies, formats and tools, Oi evolved its internal training platform in 2021 and launched Oi Educa University, offering its employees a better self-development experience. The initiative is in line with the company’s ESG strategy, with the Corporate Education of its workforce as one of the goals. Divided by categories of courses and development centers, the platform allows employees to choose a training appropriate to their professional moment and journey within the company, according to their schedule and areas of interest for development.

In the Oi Technology, Business and Development centers, the platform has around 483 courses focused on IT, Telecom, Innovation, Business, Behavioral Skills, Work Tools, Diversity and Institutional, among others.

The contents are divided into four specific centers:

Oi Development: Development paths for the entire organization, focused on behavioral and institutional skills and content on the main tools used by employees daily.

Technology: Technical content focused on the company’s operational area. The goal of this center is to keep the team updated on new trends that impact our business.

Business: Technical and business content focused on Oi Soluções. The goal is to keep the team updated on our solutions, processes, and systems to improve their corporate sales strategies.

Leadership: Different content to support the specific needs of Oi’s leadership.

As a result, we obtained:

From January to December 2021:

507,000 participations

356,000 participations from Retail | Business + Oi Soluções

3,845 participations – ALURA Training (largest Brazilian platform for technology courses divided into six main subjects: Innovation and Management, Data Science, Digital Marketing, UX Design, DevOps, Front-end, Programming, and Mobile. There are over 1,500 courses available that the company uses to make available to its employees).


Oi provides training to around 13,500 direct third parties, from the Retail and Business Salesforce, with content on products, systems and sales techniques and another 70,000 indirect third parties from partner companies such as Tahto and Serede.