Access to Telecommunications and Social Inclusion

The access is made through the:

  • Broadband in Schools Program (PBLE), which objective is to provide, by 2025, internet with a speed equal to or greater than 2MB in all urban public schools and for the training of elementary and high school teachers identified by the Ministry of Education (MEC), based on the Census of the National Institute of Studies and Research (Inep).
  • Plan for the General Universalization Goals (PGMU), an initiative which seeks to guarantee access to wireline telephone services. In 2019, we invested more than R$2.52 million, covering 77 locations, of which R$1.31 million was in 19 locations with individual access and R$1.21 million in 58 locations with collective access.
  • Backhaul, which consists of installing broadband in eligible municipalities and upgrading the speeds previously installed. We currently serve more than 3,181 Brazilian municipalities with Backhaul.