How to Invest

If you would like to buy or sell shares of the Oi Group companies (OIBR3 and OIBR4), you can do this through your bank or directly on the stock exchange, acting through a securities dealer or registered stockbroker.

Shares as an Investment

If you want to invest in Oi’s shares, we recommend that you seek information on the website of the BM&F Bovespa and the CVM Investor Portal. If you do not feel secure or are unable to do this yourself, we suggest you approach an investment professional through a financial institution or securities broker-dealer or engage the services of a consultant to help you with your investments.

Financial Institutions


If you decided to invest through a commercial bank at which you have a current account, you just need to speak to the manager of your branch asking for guidance regarding the investments you want to make. Some banks even offer this service to people who do not have a current account with them. The bank will then conduct the business through its stockbroker.

The depositary bank for Oi Group local shares is Banco do Brasil.

The bank provide a Share Trading Service, as follows:

  • Buying: Current account customers – speak to your branch officials.
  • Selling: Whether or not you have a current account – trading may intermediated for any number of shares.



  • These are the only financial institutions authorized to operate at a stock exchange, since every stockbroker must be a member of one or more stock exchanges. In order to set up, all stockbrokers require prior authorization from the Brazilian Central Bank, and are supervised thereon by the local stock exchanges, the CVM (Brazilian Securities Commission) and the Central Bank itself.
  • All stockbrokers charge fees and commissions on the investments they make.


Securities Dealers

  • These are financial institutions authorized by the Brazilian Central Bank to operate as intermediaries in securities trading. The dealers are not authorized to operate at a stock exchange, but merely intermediate deals carried out by a stockbroker.
  • Securities dealers also charge fees and commissions for their services.