VIDA.COM Program

Starting in December 2020

Vida.Com – Oi’s quality of life program – is here to help employees take care of their physical, mental and social health through integrated actions 100% online and free. And now with one more pillar: security.

Within each of them, employees can participate in individual appointments with health professionals and also in collective activities with other employees.


  • Nutrition

In the Nutritional area, the employee can sign up for an appointment with a nutritionist with a totally individualized follow-up. They can also sign up for nutritional care groups.

  • Posture

In the Postural area, the employee can sign up for an appointment with a physical therapist with an individualized follow-up. They can also participate in live postural guidance classes.

  • Physical

In the Physical area, the employee can sign up for an appointment with a physical education professional with an individualized follow-up. And also participate in live classes.


In the Mental pillar, the employee can enroll in the Mindfulness Program, where they will have access to tools to practice mindfulness with a specialized professional and other employees. And they can also sign up for individual counseling with a psychologist.


In the social pillar, the employee can register for an individual appointment with a social worker and can also participate in some collective initiatives such as:

Conversation Circles: Support groups on topics of common interest to the participants, with counseling from a guest expert.

Support Groups: Meetings that take place continuously, fortnightly, and seek to create a bond with the participants.

In addition to these actions, Oi already offers its employees many benefits, support and assistance to take care of their body, mind and social relations. As a result, we obtained:

  • Registrations: 3,726 (1,732 registrations for collective actions + 1,995 registrations for individual actions);
  • Individual appointments (in the 05 areas): 5,888 appointments;
  • Collective actions carried out weekly: 07 (02 nutritional groups, 01 collective social action, 02 physical activity classes with a physical education professional, 01 stretching and strengthening class with a physical therapist, 01 mindfulness group;
  • Participants in other activities: 22,04% of eligible employees participate in 01 or more of the new actions;
  • NPS – Probability of indicating actions to a colleague: 93% – Excellence;
  • Average grade given to Program by the participants: 9,8;
  • Adherence to individual appointments: 92%;
  • Indirect professionals: 01 technical coordinator, 04 nutritionists, 02 physical therapists, 03 psychologists, 02 physical education professionals and 01 social worker.