Social Development – Social Investment

We reinforce our commitment with society through Oi Futuro, our social responsibility institute, which operates under the Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (Oscip) certificate.

We invest in social projects by using our own resources and incentivized benefits through our Sponsorship and Events department and Oi Futuro in activities such as education, culture, social innovation and sports, enhancing personal and collective development, fostering innovation, promoting collaborative solutions and stimulating connections among organizations, ideas and people.

Oi Futuro maintains a cultural center in Rio de Janeiro, with a program that values the convergence between contemporary art and technology, with about 95,000 visitors per year. The space also houses the Musehum – Museum of Communications and Humanities, with a collection of over 130,000 pieces. The space is an evolution of the Telecommunications Museum, which had its facilities completely remodeled due to this new identity, reopening in 2020. For 16 years Oi Futuro has managed the Oi Program of Encouraged Cultural Sponsorships, which selects projects in all regions of the country through a public notice. Since 2003, there have been more than 2,500 cultural projects supported by Oi Futuro, which have benefited millions of viewers.

In Education, the Oi Institute invests in NAVE (Advanced Education Nucleus – Núcleo Avançado em Educação) a public-private partnership developed since 2006, with the  Education Secretary of Rio de Janeiro and Pernambuco States in two integrated public high schools. NAVE has trained more than 2,800 students and currently involves nearly 1,000 students and 70 educators in both schools. The program offers technical courses in Programming and Multimedia, focusing on preparing young people for digital and creative economies and training critical and transformative citizens. Schools function as laboratories for the creation and experimentation of innovative pedagogical methodologies, disseminated through free digital publications and training for more than 2,000 educators from public networks in 20 States/DF, 167 municipalities and 529 schools through face-to-face and online courses in educational robotics, media, education, digital culture and pedagogical use of technologies.

In Social Innovation, Oi Futuro created Labora– the Laboratory of Social Innovation, a laboratory dedicated to connecting and strengthening entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations committed to social impact. Labora is an environment of learning, creation and articulation and offers acceleration cycles for startups and social organizations selected by public notices. Since 2017, there have been 83 businesses and organizations accelerated and more than 170 mentors, with about 500 entrepreneurs directly impacted. In addition to Labora, Oi launched LabSonica, a laboratory of artistic experimentation and collaborative creation that has impacted more than 7,000 people through artistic residencies, recordings and courses.

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