Protection Brazil 2020 Award

September 2020

Oi was awarded in four of the 14 categories with the Gold Award in the cases “Artificial Intelligence and OHS 4.0 in the Telecommunications Industry”, “Oi Educa” and “No Sliding – Mid-Span Grabs in the Telecom Industry” and the Silver Award with the case “Protect You, Protect Oi!”.

Besides the four projects selected for their disruptive concept and contribution to a safe and healthy environment, the company won 1st place in the regional category in the Southeast Region and the national category with the Work Safety path on Oi Educa, an intranet platform with training courses for our employees.

October 2021

Oi won in four of the 14 thematic categories with the Silver Award with the “Telecom Aces” Case, in the Working at High category, and the Bronze Awards with the Cases “” in the Quality of Life at Work category, “Technology applied to actions to tackle Covid 19”, in the OHS Preventive and Corrective Actions category, and “Virtual Partnership Management”, in the OHS Management of Third Parties category.