New Business

Oi seeks to differentiate itself and continue to operate in the national market through innovation. Many of our investments in research and development were made in partnership with science and technology institutes, incubators and technology centers.

We reinforce digital initiatives, leveraging their impacts on customer experience and improving operational efficiency, focusing on human and digital services, for example. We launched Joice, our artificial intelligence robot, which at this stage offers automated service and technical support, and launched the Oi Techtônica, a  blog designed to intelligently attract potential new clients through digital platforms. We also included new features to the Virtual Technical application to facilitate our technical self-service option. We also expanded our Operations Center.

The Incubator Oito, our entrepreneurship and innovation hub in Rio de Janeiro, has played an important role in generating new business by accelerating technological solutions, developing start-ups and supporting the innovation ecosystem. Throughout 2019, the hub elaborated a new investment methodology for start-ups selecting the ones who are in traction phase and better accept challenges for new revenue generation, increased efficiency and reduced costs to assist Oi in the search for innovations that benefit the Company.

Within this context, we are developing our Innovation Ecosystem in an integrated manner and interacting with most of the institutions in Brazil that have this characteristic, in which we highlight partnerships with solution providers and research centers.