Leadership Center

Exclusive space for leadership, development and strategic information, with content and tools to support them in the daily management of the transformation journey.


Opportunity to provide training to the company’s executive leadership to face the business’s challenges and people management.

  • Agility and Management Workshop (Rodrigo Giaffredo): 8 groups, two for officers and six for managers, totaling 363 participating leaders so far.
  • Engagement and People Retention Workshop (Dom Cabra Foundation): With four subjects available: “Leading in Complex and Changing Environments”, “Psychological Well-Being and Safety: Based on High-Performance Teams”, “The Motives that Drive: Aligning Individual and Organizational Objectives” and “A New Logic: From Heroic Leadership to Distributed Leadership”. Eight classes accomplished, with a total of 356 participants.
  • External Mentoring (Top2You): Our leaders can have external mentoring up to twice a month. More than 380 executives have already participated, and we have had 753 mentorships carried out so far.
  • Feedback and Empathic Communication Workshop (Gather): 3 classes carried out so far, with a total of 37 participants.