General Data Protection Law (LGPD)

Oi is implementing a initiatives to ensure compliance with the LGPD, including an assessment project supported by specialized advisors, which includes a detailed review of our policies, processes and systems to be used as a basis for an adjustment plan.

A governance process has already been established to review and adapt new products or initiatives, which must be addressed at the design stage, in line with the Privacy by Design concept.

The committees created in 2019 is responsible for this task, which also coordinate all the Company’s projects being implemented to fully comply with the LGPD. Legal rules and guidelines are being incorporated in an integrated manner with all the Company’s compliance and risk methodologies and policies, and will be highlighted in the Code of Ethics.

For more information, see our Privacy Portal.

Acess our Privacy Policy, which shows in detail Oi’s guidelines for processing physical or digital data provided by individuals (customers and non-customers) who use our services.