Under the challenge of creating and strengthening a unique culture, Oi has been promoting an alignment across the Company in pursuit of business objectives. Based on our strategy, the Management Model provides clear goals and responsibilities, as well as discipline and consistent execution, encouraging team work and collaboration among departments.

The Company’s People and Management division works continuously to adapt its structure and processes with our business strategies in order to enable greater operational efficiency. To support our People Development Cycle, Oi works with tools such as promotions based on meritocracy, internal recruitment, in which open positions are offered to employees firsthand, performance monitoring cycles, and strengthening and valuing the self-development culture in which employees are protagonists of their  own careers.

To promote learning, we have a Corporate Education Program, through which we map and disseminate key knowledge for the Company and develop educational practices and actions. The initiative operates under three main pillars, which include face-to-face and  online actions:

  • Development Trails for Technical Skills: a critical knowledge mapping project linked with the processes of each department, created in partnership with the execution teams;
  • Leadership Development Training: a training program for the Company’s leaders, aiming at reaching execution excellence for their activities and focused on best management practices; and
  • Business Knowledge Trails: programs aimed at business teams, focused on specific knowledge of the Company’s products and promotions.

Since 2016, Oi Educa has been our main education and training management tool. In addition to the conventional e-learning programs, the platform offers video resources, virtual training rooms, document library,  chats and forums, creatig a collaborative and interactive environment among employees. We believe in the social learning concept, in which the sharing and  exchange of knowledge are key factors for the development of people and, consequently, for the evolution of our business.