Compliance Program

Oi’s sustainable growth must be constructed on the pillars of ethics, conduct, risk management and compliance.

We promote a Compliance Program aimed at improving the corporate risk mitigation structure and anti-corruption mechanisms, and promoting the optimization of business processes. The Compliance Department is responsible for structuring, implementing and issuing periodic reports on its evolution to the Audit, Risks and Control Committee, as well as to the Board of Directors.

The program guidelines and rules are established in a series of regulations, including the Code of Ethics, the Anticorruption Policy and the Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality Policy, all of which are reviewed every two years and formally approved by senior management.

The Company also has a Policy for Transactions with Related Parties and Situations Involving Conflict of Interest, which aims to establish rules and consolidate the procedures for transactions of this nature, preserving the transparency of the process so that decisions are always made in compliance with the best corporate governance practices and in the best interest of the Company, its management and shareholders, avoiding abuse and misuse of Oi’s assets.

In addition to compliance practices, we have an Internal Audit area that reports directly to the Board of Directors and audits processes, financial statements, compliance and investigates complaints from our Whistle-blowing Channel.