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Oi offers all necessary support to investors

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In person: Any branch.

By phone:
Rio de Janeiro metropolitan region and shareholders who have a Banco do Brasil S.A. account:
(21) 4004-0001
Other regions and shareholders who do not have a Banco do Brasil S.A. account: 0800 729 0722

ATMs: For account holders only

Please note:

  • If a customer has a document that indicates ownership of shares in one of the telephone companies currently belonging to the Oi group and his or her data are not registered with the custodian institution, he or she may leave a copy of said document and a copy of his or her identification document, individual taxpayer’s ID card and proof of residence so that the bank can conduct a more thorough internal search and report back to the customer within the established deadline.
  • Only shareholders and their duly appointed proxies can obtain information from the Bank.
  • The banks offer several services, including:
  • Information on shareholding positions;
  • Share transfers (between shareholders, as a result of death, court orders, grouping/split of deposit accounts);
  • Sale of shares on the stock exchange;
  • Reception of documents to rectify shareholders’ registration data;
  • Share subscription;
  • Payment of dividends and interest on equity
  • Changes to registration information (correction of the shareholder’s name, address, checking account, account opening or closing, annotation of blocking and unblocking of shares and other related services, bank account for crediting dividends);
  • Change of individual/corporate taxpayer’s ID (CPF/CNPJ);